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High Res Images

You are invited to use any of the images shown below. To download an image, simply click on the link provided for each picture shown. This will open the image up in a new window. Once it has been fully downloaded, simply click on it using your "right mouse button" and save it to your desktop or working folder.

Terms & Condtions

  • The use of The Royal Santrian images contained in the Image Library is forbidden except where they are part of a  travel brochure page, advertisement or a web page specific to the resort to which we have agreed with.
  • Specific permission must be sought from the management of The Royal Santrian for the use of any of the resort's images on the front or back covers of a travel brochure or any other publication or media.
  • Special attention is drawn to the copyright provision regarding the use of the resort's images the management of the resort will vigorously defend their copyright ownership.